Unlike the Microsoft conference Build 2018 developers

Companies face technical conferences developers own at this time of the year, this before the summer.

Microsoft is one of the companies that organize an annual conference attended by developers from all sides, in order to check out new technologies and solutions offered by them to the company and the holding of conventions, cooperation, and even attend some training workshops that are held after the press conference.

Microsoft Conference for developers Build 2018 this year was met with great interest and this is the gist.


  • All modern phones sync with Windows computers

While this feature is available for Windows Phone, which has the advantage of syncing with computers running Windows 10, under the millions of users of Android phones and the iPhone in the offices deprived of them.

Maybe it was the purpose of Microsoft behind it is to impose on workers in offices moving to Windows phones iPhone, which failed.

Now you want to be in control of computers in offices and at home after that lost the Battle of the operating systems of smart phones, that provide solutions to users of Android and iPhone.

And that’s why removed the curtain from the application allows Your Phone which works on sync Smart Phone operating system Android or Ios from Apple with Windows computers.

All messages and alerts received on your mobile device you will see on your computer, this will change your output of your smartphone from your pocket every time, and the New will be available by next fall.


  • Integration Alexa and cork our became real

Time integration between Alexa and cortana after the Microsoft and Amazon last year on cooperation in the field of aid personal.

Now you know the two companies for the integration service to them, you’ll be able to talk to Cortana through the Amazon Echo or with Alexa through Windows 10, which comes with the assistant cortana.

In the Conference The representative of Microsoft and Amazon offer integration on Echo and the Surface as you have to say “Alexa, open the Cortana” or “Cortana, open Alexa” to use this feature or vice versa in case you are using the Amazon Echo.

Currently the feature is experimental and is expected to reach users in the coming period, and that will improve the performance of assistants in the market.


  • The development of major initiatives for Windows 10

To launch Microsoft’s version of the operating system during the fall, these women will come many new features and enhancements.

Added feature Sets that allows browsing web pages, files, and folders on the shape of the tabs easy to navigate between them, while the development of alt-tab to navigate not only between applications, and even web pages to create a compilation Private in between them, the aim of this lifting of the productivity and the diversity between soft tabs and easily.

On the other hand, is to open tabs in the background without the consumption of any resources, such as RAM until it is activated the tab and open it.

It is possible the other obtained by Windows 10 We find the feature of Night mode, which found its way to the latest version which will be released during next autumn to all users.

On the other hand, I got the Notepad Notepad features make it able to run text documents created in Linux or Mac coordination concept and without problems, this for users as well as developers.

You can also select any word or phrase in Notepad and search it in the Bing search engine, and this is an important evolution in the office, can use this feature by pressing the right button or shortcut Ctrl+B.

Synchronize clipboard clipboard allow copy paste text from one device to another easily is one of the new features coming to Windows, although it won’t work by default can take advantage of them by going to Settings then system and then the clipboard and activate the Sync feature.


  • The program Timeline is available for the iPhone and iPad and Android devices

Not only did Microsoft to disclose the application to Your Phone which works on sync Smart Phone operating system Android or Ios from Apple with Windows computers.

It also launched the application Timeline which will be available on Google Play and App Store it provides users to follow all their activities on their computers operating system Windows.

Of course the user can return to a specific application exists on his computer and on his phone at the same time and use it to complete a certain task, which is implemented in the field of business.


  • Camera “Kinect” three-dimensional

In the “Kinect” accessory with the Xbox, which failed and did not produce them any versions new, but I went to reports to say that Microsoft will kill it completely, it announced at its conference last version of the camera “Kinect” three-dimensional.

Developers will be able to send information from cameras their own sensors to the Kinect in the cloud.


  • Important clarifications about artificial intelligence.

Microsoft explained that it would use the artificial intelligence in the context of moral, legal and away from the violation of the privacy of users or for other purposes is bad.

Has been confirmed on the goodwill through the launch of a program worth 25 million dollars to finance the projects of artificial intelligence that help people with disabilities.

The company provided a copy of the review of the draft Brainwave makes Azure the faster the cloud to run the artificial intelligence in real-time and is now fully integrated with Azure Machine Learning. It also supports devices Intel FPGA and neural networks-based ResNet50.

The project is currently under development for the Azure Stack and the Azure Data Box may be provided for other projects in the area of the cloud.


  • Other services for companies and institutions

Using the Microsoft Remote Assist customers can make video calls without the use of hands, and they can share videos and photos faster.

The Microsoft service Layout VTOL design objects and structures in three dimensions and detail in the details and participation with employees and institutions as well as its review of the report of the virtual reality.


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