Unmanned truck for the first time delivered cargo from one U.S. coast to the other

That is capable of unmanned vehicles? We have already informed you that several companies testing these vehicles on a specially constructed for this purpose motorways. Others create the service unmanned taxi, while others focus on transportation. And, despite the fact that history knows cases of successful journey of driverless trucks on real highways, not so long ago occurred in all senses of a momentous event: an unmanned truck first crossed the United States of America, self-driving from one coast to the other.

Unmanned truck he delivers the goods

Can the unmanned truck to cross the continent?

For the first time in the history of modern self-driving cars a truck without a driver have made such a long trip on real roads. And not just so, and delivering the goods. Autonomous truck delivered 40,000 pounds (about 18,000 kilograms) of oil from the city Tulare, California, in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, completing the trip in less than three days. The truck was controlled by an algorithm created by startup from Silicon valley called Plus.ai. Like any other Autonomous-driving vehicle, the truck uses a variety of cameras, lasers and radar and lidar for traffic sign recognition, obstacles and other vehicles on the road in order to estimate a road situation.

The truck traveled on the roads day and night, because he, unlike a real driver, no need to waste time on sleep. When this machine is focused in the changes of the heights, circling the different obstacles. In particular, the areas which were repairs. Was not a hindrance to car, as rain and snow. Of course, onboard has always been the driver-a man, ready if necessary to take over the controls and safety officer, who followed the work of the machine. But their intervention was not required.

Although the truck had to make several stops to make scheduled breaks, under the law, he basically went offline. Most impressive is the fact that the driver had to take control during a trip, then there are no problems that would require his intervention. — quoted representatives Plus.ai edition Zmescience.

Currently in the United States there are more than a dozen companies developing or carrying out Autonomous delivery of goods. For example, the startup Embark Trucks, based in San Francisco, has completed a long trip on rough terrain. However, it took longer, ending in five days, and in this case was not delivered any shipment. And the driver from time to time had to correct the movement. And you believe in the future of unmanned cargo? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

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The most important point in this case is a long automated trip. Because in such conditions the system to navigate the most difficult. In addition, they are important to freight operators, because at large distances it is possible to obtain significant benefits. Self-propelled truck will be more expensive but it should pay for itself in the long run. About 30-40% of the cost of long-haul cargo is the salary of driver and helper costs (motels, meals, etc.). Fully Autonomous truck do not need. Moreover, the use of such means of transport will also reduce the time required for delivery of goods.

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