Update again.. Huawei turning your cell phone into a traditional phone games strong

Although the competition for the strong performance of the games currently limited to phones category top of large companies and phones games allocated to it from companies like Asus وRazer interested in games of the pre-Foundation work on smart phones, only that we now have a happy news to holders of company phones for Huawei and perhaps everyone.

With the increasing attention games, smart phones, the company revealed Huawei it’s soon to be released update for the software will the performance of the graphic cards own by air discharged by 60% without having to purchase anything or pay any additional funds, so that the graphics card is the most important part in smartphone and computer games for being addressing everything related to graphics or graphics. In addition to the performance boost the new update to be issued by Huawei will improve the rate of consumption of the battery which will be increased by 30 percent, according to the company.

GPU Turbo new from Huawei

The new technique, which gave the company the name of the GPU Turbo will improve the performance of all phones including phones category average, which according to the company will be able to run Games at the rate the tires higher in the second run with all the additional improvements of HDR+ and other. And Huawei phones Honor low price will be after the update the performance of the best phones the most expensive of the other companies.

In addition, the use Huawei these orders can be applied with virtual reality and augmented reality, but this will be a future where he will need the integration between the technical developers of the application that uses the technology of virtual reality or augmented reality.

The work of the technical and the phones you get

And how the work of technical why you Huawei to talk about her secrets but she used acceleration technique using market hardware & software, which is the same as what has Google to do when you run bar of Windows graphics in the phone Pixel 2 Using the Update for the software only. And Huawei they experience a lot and a lot of research which include research to speed up the interface EMUI own air its and on Android to make it fast on phones all for as long as possible.

And phones P20 وP20 Pro وMate 10 وMate 10 Pro وMate RS on the free update in the month of August as the first batch of phones that get enhanced graphic performance, so join them in September P20 Lite وMate 9 وMate 9 Pro and phones P10 وP10 Plus to meet their large list of phones the company later. What is your opinion on technology? And do you think the arrival of other companies provide similar soon? Tell us in the comments.

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