Update Android 10 begins to access to my phone and I Plus 7 and 7 Pro !

It all started from my phone and I Plus 7 and plus 7 Pro in received the hard version of the updated Android 10 with the interface OxygenOS 10 new a few weeks after the launch of the fixed version of the update.

تحديث اندرويد 10 يبدأ في الوصول إلى هاتفي وان بلس 7 و 7بروUpdate Android 10 begins to access to my phone and I Plus 7, or

Provide interface OxygenOS 10 new with Android 10 the design of the new facade with more customizations and enhancements, for example, offers a new feature called Game Space to improve the performance of the device with games and high.

Also the update includes new gestures, allows you to scroll from the side of the screen to return to the rear, there is a Customize feature in the new settings allows you to choose the forms of icons to be displayed in the Quick Settings.

This coupled with the features of Android system 10 full like Night Mode on the system level as a whole, the proposed responses to the smart, features privacy and security high, coupled with the improvements in notifications and in the time you spend on the phone, and support more parental control features.

Started update Android 10 Access already to the users of the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro in a number of countries of Europe, and is expected to reach more areas in the coming weeks.

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