Update Android 9 Bay begins to access for Nokia phones 6.1

The company announced the HMD developer phones of Nokia globally, that the latest operating systems, the Android system has started the access to her phone Nokia 6.1 dated October 30,, to be second phones the bus company to update after Nokia 7, making the the company of most manufacturers phones are diligent to deliver the update to its users.

And Android 9 or Android Bay an alternative to Android 8 or Oreo, to give more advantages to increase the efficiency of the system and techniques especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

Will be available on the phone with the new update several advantages; the most important segments which work to identify the relevant information on your favorite apps and make them more accessible when you need, the next feature is Adaptive Brightness, which works automatically to adjust the brightness of the phone via the learning of the way the use of different settings in the smartphone, as well as a new navigation system the existence of a single button on the main screen presents the predictions of intelligent suggestions.

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