Update Android 9 Bay coming to the Nokia 5.1 Plus by the end of 2018

The company launched the HMD Nokia phone 5.1 Plus version an phone Nokia X5, which came to complement the success of the Nokia 6X announced in the month of May last as the first smart phone not a self bump.

Now is the Finnish company that it will launch Android update 9 eBay for Nokia 5.1 Plus before the end of the current year, i.e. during the period of two months and the remaining half of 2018.

It was assumed that the company launches the update in the past few days, but it seems that an emergency has happened to make them postpone its launch for some time, as assured the head of the organizations have a HMD that the update is coming before the end of 2018.

The company HMD has launched Android update 9 Bay phone Nokia 7 Plus, and now make sure we have that update coming also to the Nokia phone’s 5.1 Plus.

Referred to it from more that comes out the update for Nokia phones the advantage of putting the “Do Not Disturb” Do Not Disturb, and the control panel Dashboard, Battery Adaptive Adaptive Battery, and Navigation, brightness, automatic Adaptive Brightness.

Also referred to as the Nokia 5.1 Plus will continue to receive update the main software of the Android system for two years, Corrections and security for a period of 3 years, according to the company’s HMD.

Do you have a Nokia phone 5.1 Plus and wait for the update? We shared your experience in the comments.

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