Update Digital Wellbeing calls off the application of the provisional request

تحديث Digital Wellbeing يدعم إيقاف التطبيقات المؤقت عند الطلب

Not much has changed with Digital Wellbeing or well-being digital since the publication of its official in November last year, but launched Google promises to improve the paraphernalia of these in the future, which was highlighted by the elements of the parental control settings in each application, where you are likely to see these improvements with the launch of the Android Q perspective, however there is an important addition in the latest version of the app, where it was merged in now in one pixel.

And in support of the work directly from the interface line in question, which provides the option of pausing the applications of this interface directly, on the other hand, the longer the pause feature of the comments is not new, but it was dependent on the timers yet, so we had to set a daily limit for each application, and if you use it for a longer time, will Digital Wellbeing stop it temporarily until the end of the day, this means converting the symbol is grayed out and you run it (unless you go to the settings she stopped him).

The job is paused the new request, without setting timers for each application, you can only prolonged pressure on any app icon and search for temporary, and will be either in the top left if the application contains tests of the operator or as an element of its own in the pop-up menu if the application does not contain the tests, and you can also get a pause button in the overview.

If you choose to stop an application temporarily, you’ll get to explain that it will turn off notifications temporarily for the rest of the day, then moving the application icon to Gray and you will not be able to run it, finally this feature is required to be your cell phone possesses one pixel or one 3 on Android devices Wen, and by the way, server-side, so will have to wait days to get it, or you can simply use file the APK your update and upload it here.

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