Update Flyme OS 7.3 will be the way to 14 smartphone from the company Meizu

Meizu 15 Plus

After the announcement of the Meizu phone 16Xs, I decided to Meizu company specialized in the manufacture of smart phones get the latest version of the interface FlymeOS to 14 of its smart phones the current.

Provide interface FlymeOS 7.3 the new algorithm optimised to the operating system fully, and with a night Mode to the camera, as well as security enhancements and aesthetic. It should be noted that this update is going to be the last one FlymeOS 7 before moving on to the interface FlymeOS 8.

One Mind 3.0 is the most prominent feature in the new update, it brings improvements to the management mechanism of the operating system in the background, as they work to improve the performance of the device based on patterns of use. The company said Meizu that the improvements obtained by the artificial intelligence of the One Mind 3.0 must lead to open applications faster and improve performance on a daily basis.


Will the camera application also Mode Super Night Scene Mode, which we saw for the first time on phone Meizu 16S which allows users to take good pictures in environments of low lighting. Include other plugins option to add colorful images to the screen is Always On Display and the feedback finest in the play mode. It should be noted that it will update new version gradually, and my company Meizu it will work its way to more phones in the future.


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