Update for Google Play Store helps in making the process of installing applications smarter


Just like computers, when it was the launch of smart phones for the first time, not the applications in general of such importance. But as our phones become more powerful, it has become the size of the application bigger to accommodate all the necessary features, such as audio files to high-precision applications in music, graphics, and high-precision in games, etc.

This has led to the need for our smart phones to a larger area with each generation. However, for those who are facing difficulty in the management of the memory storage or want to not be high-volume applications, the Google will provide you with assistance. The company announced the update on Google Play makes the app installs a smaller size.

Basically, what the company did is that when apps are installed, just install the basic elements that are needed by the app to work, thus removing any additional files are not necessary can affect the size of the installation negatively. This is part of the new format for releases you google the name of “Android App Bundle”.

According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” when a user installs the app, the Google Play APK file to the original article (the full code is needed for each device), and parts APK language divided ( the languages spoken by the user), and parts APK divided to create the device ( screen size of the device architecture of the processor). This means that the device gets what it needs without wasted space “. Will vary the amount of storage space that is provided from one application to another, knowing that there are some developers who claim that this new method will provide 23% of the volume.



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