Update game fly Arabic more than 200 new level

One year after its launch, the company introduced Jim Bauer ships a new version of the game fly Arabic on smartphones, boasts more than 200 new level and add-ons variety.

And the new version of “czars” who holds of his name the largest, have huge experience to satisfy the tastes of the Arab players, in terms of developments in multiple disciplines in the game, or multiple plugins that included the presence of new options in costumes, weapons, and escorts, as well as the number of levels to 900 level, each containing a series of tasks that gets the player to go to specific places on the map.

In this game, players ride a “broom” which is the way major development in the land “legendary”, and use them in development between different areas, these include water itself, the attraction to the players, to help them travel long distances through the clouds just as in the films of the Harry Potter series famous.

Although multitasking on the fly, but the core functions and the most enthusiasm for the players is in a fight to the alien beings and monsters, which vary in strength and style of attack, and are set in the world of fly are vast and full of mystery which encourages the player permanently on exploration.

Achieved game fly great success in the world to exceed the number of registered players in the 60 million players, and the reason to that the fact that it offers the environment the game open with multiple options, and provide a new experience for lovers of anime will satisfy their passion this world.

Saw fly are since its launch, in March last year, in the Arab market, huge demand, it has provided the advantages of the different systems of the game elaborate as a system of battalions and alliances and by accompanying, and many others, making it a game full of adventures, breaking the boredom and monotony which may hinder the player in other games.

The update is now available on Android and iOS.

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