Update game Pokemon The GO brings a new feature that allows taking pictures of Pokemon

Announced golf course on its plans to launch a new update for the game Pokemon GO brings users the style of the new sound that lets the user take a picture الPokemon her favorite.

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Want company Niantic to attract users to the augmented reality game famous Pokemon GO Again, so is planning to launch a new feature know بphoto mode, which allows users to take pictures of any of the Pokemon characters.

It is planned that the feature is available Pokemon GO Snapshot in the game later on my platform Andorid and iOS, where the feature will appear when you focus the camera on one of the Pokemon characters, and also the user can choose one of the Pokemon characters and then click on the screen to throw a ball the Pokemon to the selected point, also when you see the Pokemon clearly at a certain point, the user can move the camera to choose the best angle to photograph Pokemon.

Recall that the images will be taken of the Pokémon can be stored and shared seamlessly on social media when you offer new feature officially to the users.


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