Update Google Photos. What has changed and what will happen next?

Google regularly updates branded services and applications. For example, in mid-June, the developers have updated the Google Photos. Then learned how to group images with similar objects, or made at one time, and the algorithm chose the best photos and mark them with an asterisk. Now it’s time for a new update.

We are talking about the version 3.26. New functions in it a bit, but inside there was mention of new opportunities for the future. It is reported by Android Police.

The most noticeable addition of the updated Google Photos have become the signature to the photo books. They appreciate those who want to keep the most valuable pictures and remember the emotions associated with them.

Details of the new version of Google Photos

The analysis of the application code hinted at new features that will appear in future releases. First, programmers have found evidence of preparation for work with VR content.

Users will be able to edit the image separately to view one eye. The changes will apply to the entire picture.

There will be other function, the circumcision of the document and change the color.

Download the latest release get the link. Otherwise you can wait for update in Google Play.

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