Update Google Play Services broke app for Huawei Honor

Device Huawei and Honor are becoming increasingly popular in Russia. The company is actively developing their smartphones. Their owners need to know what the new update Services Google Play can disrupt the stable operation of their smartphones. Some applications stop working after this update. Google and Huawei are already aware of the problem and are working on a solution.

Mainly the problem affected apps that work with the map service Google. Users of smartphones Huawei Honor and when you use these applications, can see the message “update Google Play Services” even in the case when no update is available. Do Google Maps work as expected.

According to a Google forum, the problem bring Google Play Services version 12.6.73. It is in this version broken Google Maps integration with apps. In addition, users report about the problem in Google Play, Google Android Auto and Home after the upgrade.

Google said that the next update of Google Play Services will solve all the problems, but the company did not say when this update will be released. Until that time, owners of smartphones Huawei Honor and should avoid malicious updates.

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