Update HTC U12+ brings advantages and improvements

The company started the HTC in the launch of a new update for its flagship last HTC U12 Plus during the last couple of days where the users start in the country of Taiwan independence and the update on their phones effectively.

Offers update size 422MB an automatic zoom feature of the camera during video recording in addition to the improvements on the performance of the keycaps touch the advantages of the Edge Sense relating to the children and on the frame, which has become more accurate and improve the speed of response also.

Also the update brings general improvements, and accustomed to management the phone of hand the stability of the interface and system performance in addition to improve the battery consumption and this step is supported in every new update.

Finally submit the update security package recent from Google for the month of June last.

If you own the phone you can start to search for the Update Now or wait for access to your phone during the next few days.


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