Update in WhatsApp get rid of a loophole that allows eavesdropping on users ‘ computers once her

تحديث في واتساب للتخلص من ثغرة تتيح التنصت على أجهزة المستخدمين بمجرد مكالمتها - WhatsApp

The Facebook provide an update on a new application WhatsApp, but this time not to add new, but in order to raise the protection of the user and get rid of the security hole in the app allow tapping on the devices as soon as the call arrives specific to it thanks to the service code Pegasus spyware developed by the company’s Zionist NSO.

Andthe service works on contact with a specific user and then will appear a link to the Office of the missed call to pressure you, but it will disappear from the list of calls after that, and then you Software Pegasus the spyware by exploiting a series of gaps is known as ” zero-day” which works to download Pegasus in the background to get permissions to access the microphone, camera, sound and all the files to the device, whether running Android or iOS.

This feature was published three years ago but found at the beginning of the current month, to Facebook sending new update for the application WhatsApp for of on users ‘ computers. So the company urges its users to download latest update to avoid any problems.

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