Update iOS 11.3 affects also on the screen of the Apple original replacement


Earlier this month, we informed you that the color of sensitive to in the iPhone which was a replacement screen in repair shops, the informal is no longer used after updating to iOS 11.3. It is supposed to be due to the use of the components of the non-native, but it now turns out that this also affects the original spare parts.

Note that there are some stores repairs informal that can get the original components, so in this case, we’re talking here about stores repair repaired iPhones using genuine ingredients. This is not a case of taking the iPhone affected to the stores, the Apple Store and had reformed.

It was confirmed by the community of repairs as well as the operators of the site Engadget and who they tested it themselves, where they replace the screens between the phones iPhone new only to find that the ambient light sensor has stopped working after that. It is known that Apple make it difficult for companies to reform third-party repair their products, and usually ask customers to send their devices to its stores official repair.

However, given that the cost of repairing the iPhone have stores repairs official very expensive, it is no wonder that customers turn to other companies. Didn’t want Apple after this issue, but if history repeats itself, we wouldn’t be surprised if a lawsuit has been filed against the company due to this problem.


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