Update iOS 11.3 hints for the coming of a new iPad with a Face ID this year


According to rumors and leaks of the former, it was speculated that Apple would later this year by issuing three phones the iPhone New will come whole with recognition three-dimensional face Face ID, and therefore should not be surprised in case if you decide to Apple to bring this feature to the tablet the New iPad as well.

As you probably know, Apple recently issued a beta version of iOS 11.3, and it seems that there is evidence in this update indicates that Apple is working on a new iPad. Referred to this device as ” the Modern iPad ” in iOS update 11.3 with the knowledge that he has been monitoring the phone iPhone X for the first time in the iOS system under the name of ” Modern iPhone “.

This indicates that Apple will probably issue a new iPad this year, this is likely to include a property to identify the three-dimensional facial Face ID. This means that Apple will also in this device the new tablet remove the main button, there will be also pieces at the top of the screen for the camera TrueDepth that you think we should feature Face ID, just like the iPhone X.

And yet there are not a lot of detail about other technical specifications that will come with a new iPad coming from Apple, it is still not yet clear whether this device will feature Face ID falls within a series Tablet, the iPad Pro or a series Tablet, the iPad regular, although we believe that the tablet and iPad Pro are eligible to get this technology first.

Generally, as soon as we get more details about this new version of the iPad, including some actual photos of the device, full list of technical specifications, we’ll let you know. as usual always.


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