Update iOS 11.3 is causing problems in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X !

It seems that the iOS update 11.3 is not without problems, despite the trial period long allocated by the Apple TV not being update sub-elder for iOS 11. These problems are not limited only to the performance and the battery that often come to a consensus about it highly reactive, and it also included other problems in the screen and the sensors in some versions of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and this is the full story as told by some users.

تحديث iOS 11.3 يسبب مشاكل في هواتف آيفون 8 و آيفون X !

Update iOS 11.3 is causing problems in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X !

The screen does not respond after the update!

This problem appeared in the devices of some users of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X who replace the screen phones as a result of damage or break through the centres of the maintenance of independent gas belonging to the Apple TV where the screen stop responding to touch after updating to iOS 11.3, and the inability to use the device fully.

This problem is not monitored after the update in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X that is not Screen Replacement previously or that have been replaced through maintenance service in Apple or maintenance centers approved affiliate.

Sensor lighting not working!

Sensor lighting in the phones is responsible for determining the level of ambient light and adjusting the brightness of the screen accordingly in displays with automatic brightness, and this is important to keep an eye out and prolong the life of the battery also.

It also seems that some users of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X Screen replaced they noticed that the ambient light sensor no longer works after the update and if the screen was replaced respond to touch naturally. This problem and if it’s less severe than the first problem but it make the phone lose the advantage of a task without any justification.

Did Apple intentionally?!

Some explanations that try to explain what happened she says it’s just an error in the system no more, and in particular that the problem only appeared in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 without being affected by the rest of the previous versions, but some cases have been spotted in other devices and older versions of iOS 11.

Other explanations have tried to rely on “conspiracy theory” to say that the problem is caused by the presence of the chip embedded in the device itself you discover the replaced parts gas original or non-approved by Apple is what makes it the nearest red force users to resort to maintenance services of the Apple TV, despite their high cost, sometimes compared to the centers, the maintenance of independent.

Apple did it previously !

There was an incident previously where the Apple TV to modify the parts that have been replaced from the iPhone on purpose such as disabling the Home button equipped with a fingerprint-recognition Touch ID after replaced by the maintenance centers are not affiliated to Apple in a problem known as the Error 53, have confirmed the Apple TV and then deliberately do that for security purposes, and still happens to this day.

Did you encounter any problems in your phone after the update to iOS 11.3 to?

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