Update iOS 11.3 will allow you to disable the feature that choke the Processor Speed for battery

iPhone 8 Plus 987

In the spring of this year will be able to millions of iPhone 6 and higher versions to regain control over the performance of their smart phones because Apple will then issue the update to iOS 11.3, which will give users more details about the battery of their smart phones and if the lower Processor Speed or not. In the case if the reduced Processor Speed, there will be the option to return to the original speed.

Has Apple issued the first beta version of iOS update 11.3 today, but this percentage does not include the option that allows to the Processor to the speed of the original. However, it is supposed to tell Apple to add this option in the trial version coming from this update.

Apart from that, the update iOS 11.3 will bring with it also the symbols of expression of the mutant ( Animoji ) new include the dragon and the bear skull and the lion to animated emoji that are currently available. Apart from the emoticons animated, there’s another new feature called Health Records which will show your data from hospitals and clinics, and organize them in an easy and simple interface. It should be noted that you will also receive thanks to this new feature regular notices about the results of the lab knowing that all data is encrypted and protected with a password.

Update iOS 11.3 says also upgraded the Application Programming Interface augmented reality ARKit to version 1.5, which now allows the development of augmented reality to recognize on vertical surfaces such as walls, posters on the walls, doors and other surfaces. Other features that come out update iOS 11.3 include songs export in the Apple Music app and Advanced Mobile Location for emergency services.



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