Update iOS 11.3 will bring with it the advantage of advanced positioning Advanced Mobile Location

Apple iphone 6 Plus

We have talked to you already about the new features that will come out update iOS 11.3 for all iPhones, iPads and iPad compatible, and one of those features we mention the feature location identification Advanced Mobile Location known acronym in the name of AML.

When it comes to the services of positioning, the iPhone from Apple include a GPS positioning system which allows the device to specify its location, which facilitates the tasks of some applications such as the Fine My iPhone and Find My Friends, etc. from other applications, namely applications that have been used in the past to save lives and to locate the people who have been subjected to kidnapping.

While these features are great and offer great services, they are not quite perfect and this is the reason that the organization of emergency services in all over the world asked Apple to include the feature of GPS needs to help save the lives of users within the iPhone. This feature, called Advanced Mobile Location, is this feature built-in networks of telecommunications companies and can accurately identify the super-position of the person who made the call to emergency.

This means that when you are making an emergency call, the chip has GPS and WiFi within the mobile device will automatically transfer the exact location of this person for emergency services. This water will be suitable in many cases such as the case that loses people way back inside the vast forest or in a case of kidnapping and can identify the location of the disappeared person. It is estimated that this water is very minute so that she is able to tell the emergency services the room where the person inside the apartment.

Continue seeking emergency numbers European well-known acronym in the name EENA with both Apple and Google in 2016 to include this feature in their respective operating systems, which hastened the Google company to do so has included this feature in Android devices since the year 2016, while the company decided to the Apple wait until now to include this feature in updated iOS 11.3.



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