Update iOS 12.1 hints that the tablet the new iPad will support 4K external

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If you are planning to get your new iPad, you may want to wait a little bit because it seems that the tablet and iPad coming later this year will be better. In fact, we heard about the possibility of obtaining some changes to the level design, and feature Face ID to the face, now suggested tweet new from developer Steve Troughton-Smith the possibility of its support for 4K external also.

In fact, I found out the developer Steve Troughton-Smith some of the code in the first beta version of iOS 12.1 which allude to that it will support 4K monitors external. As explained by the same developer, it does not exist on any version of iOS before even with an adapter ” Lightning to HDMI“, and that’s what makes us think whether tablet the new iPad will use USB Type-C instead of Lightning.

This seems to confirm previous rumors that stated that the tablet and new iPad from Apple may abandon the port to Lightning for USB Type-C, so this is the tweet published by developer Steve Troughton-Smith seems logical. If this was actually true, this might be fantastic news for users of tablet and iPad, it means that they can connect peripherals to the USB Type-C, such as clear the storage of External with the tablet and iPad of their own, unlike the tablet of the iPad’s current require a transformer.

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As we have said, it seems that all this indicates that the tablet the new iPad will come with major changes as compared with the tablet and iPad the current, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of features. Generally, please handle with all that said now with the least amount of protection, but we expect to get more details directly from Apple in the coming month.



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