Update May for Xbox One brings with it some new features


Microsoft began today released an update for the month of May for Xbox One, an update that brings with it some new features. One of these new features let you know whether your friends are playing on PC or Xbox. Moreover, this update brings with it some improvements to the property to search for games and apps on the device. Will now be categorized in categories and easy to find.

Check the new got a list of friends make it easy to know whether your friends are playing on the computer or gaming device home. Will the dashboard friends list now new icons to determine whether friends Xbox Live playing on Xbox or a personal computer or a mobile device.

It is possible to run some Xbox games between the two systems with the addition of these new icons, and will prevent users of Xbox Live than trying to invite people to play in games that don’t support playing participatory ( Play Cross ) on the computer and Xbox One.

Also been adding feature requests, new messages, which automatically filter messages that don’t come from your friends, through placing them in a separate tab. As part of this new feature, cleared all the messages collected current. Users will be able to copy them from the website Xbox.com for a limited time. This change does not affect individual messages from friends.

Generally, the update may already being now released by Microsoft for your Xbox One.


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