Update Mozilla Firefox version 67.0.3 due to the presence of a security vulnerability

Mozilla Firefox browser gets security update for 67.0.3 on the desktop because there is a big gap.

تحديث موزيلا فايرفوكس لنسخة 67.0.3 بسبب وجود ثغرة أمنية

She explained Agency, cyber security and infrastructure of America that there is a security hole appeared in the Mozilla Firefox help the arrival of the inventors of the devices.

After this warning, the Mozilla without the launch of a new update by 67.0.3 from the browser to overcome the gap and to avoid causing any problems for users.

The gap to facilitate the task of the inventor’s rights malicious software in the user’s system by manipulating the matrix of the JavaScript found in Firefox browser which is used by hundreds of millions around the world on a daily basis.

The move comes days after the addition of the company for prevent the web crawlers to the web by default.

How can I get a copy of Mozilla Firefox New?

Can download the various versions of the browser and updated the new links for the following, commensurate with the device:

Was Mozilla has introduced new logos for all its services and programmes last week in an attempt to lend a new touch to the products. After that the company introduced a paid version for the first time from the browser to new services, especially such as VPN.

It can be said to follow the company for updates and developments first hand helps in raising its popularity among the users and increase confidence.

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