Update MX Player on Android now supports the feature of picture-in-picture “PiP”

تحديث MX Player على أندرويد يدعم الآن ميزة صورة داخل صورة "PiP"update MXPlayer on Android now supports the feature of picture-in-picture “PiP”

As one of the most apps run popular video on store Android Google Play, have used MX Player to get new features useful and on a regular basis, and if you remember where recently, the team added the work of the application full support for Chrome Cast “Chromecast” content broadcast over the internet, and now there is a new update which provided support for picture-in-picture or known simply as “PiP”.

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On the other hand, carries a new version number 1.11.3 MX Player is thrown now to the users, as for this new feature, you can take advantage of them by going to the options problem once you run the video clip, this by clicking the small arrow icon next to the screen rotation icon at the top, down to the pressure on the PiP new.

تحديث MXPlayer على أندرويد يدعم الآن ميزة صورة داخل صورة "PiP"

Once it is completed, will turn the video into a pop-up screen can be moved anywhere on the screen of the phone, as well as the possibility of opening any other application, without any problems, and on the pop-up screen is small, there is a button in the middle through which you will be able to refer to the full-screen mode.

Do not expect it at that, where there are elements of the allocation are important, so that you as a user and now planning controls forward and backward and pause, the more worthy to refer that there is no way to change the size of the pop-up screen, only there is a possibility to put the video on one of the corners of the phone screen, and most importantly, that this feature currently supports users of Android 8.0 most recent.

Finally, update MX Player up gradually to users, and you can move on to the pages of the store Google Play from here, make sure to access the update or not, or if you don’t like waiting, simply download the update file of the APK from here.

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