Update November 2019 is currently available to units of Xbox One with three key features

تحديث نوفمبر 2019 متوفراً حالياً لوحدات اكس بوكس ون بثلاث ميزات رئيسية

The company launched the Microsoft Update November 2019 units Games Xbox One Saturday, where he was one of the most important added advantages in this update is support for Google Voice which allows using the device powered by the plugin or application for units of games Xbox One.

With to note that the plugin does not work on the Xbox One upside down, but you can use it to run games and applications as well as run turn off the unit and sign the temporary video where Microsoft was subjected to these features to the test last September.

Next to the Support Unit Assistant Google Voice, the company added new support for the definition of the player, so that the user can now choose any sign and add the numbers at the end of it.

In was the recent addition in this update is what we talked about earlier was under test by adding filters increase user control to the content of mutual cross-department communications for the Xbox Live service, where comes filters four levels and different uses as follows:

Option Friendly target audience is children or is appropriate for this category particular where once you do it left nice words and phrases abusive, as the user can customize the quality of the phrases that I don’t would like child to see it or see it, while enjoying it in the collective, which peppered the exchange of the talks.

Option Meduim left the Prohibition of abusive language and those relating to racial discrimination but at the same time allow the trading of phrases out of the ordinary, kind of, but its used between friends naturally.

Option Mature it is adult, so the quality of the blocked content messages which is somewhat limited on the words and phrases aggressive and abusive.

Option Unfiltered as is clear from the name, it’s the option that allows the user to see the content but filter without any of the determinants of the former.


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