Update Opera for Android supports PIP feature and the option to turn off ad blocking quickly

تحديث أوبرا على أندرويد يدعم ميزة PIP وخيار لإيقاف تشغيل حظر الإعلانات بسرعة

A few weeks before now, announced the Opera for the feature returns “are VPN” as the main feature of the browser on the Android platform, and not as separate as was previously the case, this feature is currently available in beta version and soon on the main version, in the latest announced opera today announced a new update to the browser it the opera is available for all Android users.

Provided this version of the tool pass, which allows you to quickly jump up a page long or on the bottom of this with one click, as well as supporting the PIP feature known as the “picture in picture”, which will allow you to play video clips window floating with continue to browse the site without problems, I have to support this feature Android 8.0 most recent.

As there are another feature relates to preventing the ads, where this feature is commonplace on the web browsers portable, but its rather annoying when you want to turn off to become or support a site, and in order that with this update has made the opera of the shutdown option is easier than you imagine, scrolling through the stop button or operating on a site by site basis, rather than thinking about list of white or off ad blocking completely.

Finally updated the opera that is currently available for all Android users, to make it scroll to the page of the store Google Play from here.

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