Update oreo for phones Galaxy A and J and C won’t come before December

It is not strange for Samsung to release an update for the issuance of a wave of Android OS after Google releases a newer version of the system, at least this is most common when it comes to smartphones and tablets low specifications.

Which is what happens now with the updated version of the oreo to some phones strings Galaxy A and Galaxy J and Galaxy C, as the company published that update the version of the oreo for those strings won’t arrive before the month of December next, after months of the launch of Google the final version of the updated Android P.

Although it differs from state to state, the new notification from Samsung sent to its users in India, the list includes devices that should the owners wait until the month of December all of version 2017 of the Galaxy J7 and Galaxy A9 Pro and Galaxy C7 Pro and the issuance of 2016 and 2017 of the Galaxy On7.

This will not be the owners of the issuance of the 2017 computer Galaxy Tab A tablet Now, wait to the end of the current year, as they will get the update in the month of October, while the owners of the Galaxy J7 Max on update in the month of November.

It should be noted that the updated version of the oreo from the Android platform suffered from a slow start and many problems, especially for phones Galaxy. We saw how you stopped Samsung update after the appearance of the problem in a number of devices.

Do you have one of the Samsung phones listed? Have you got the updated version of oreo’s? We shared your experience in the comments.

Blog update oreo for phones Galaxy A and J and C won’t come before December have been published first in are.

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