Update panel Gboard in Android called emoticons and a new and more

تحديث لوحة Gboard في أندرويد يدعم رموز تعبيرية جديدة وأكثر

With all the tests and the limited changes from the server-side conducted by Google on the app the keyboard your Gboard, it’s hard to know what is new and what is not, and that will only happen for a short period before disappearing again, generally there a new update for supports Android system, has included a number of new additions is as follows:

Where there are new emoji “Emoji 12.0”, which currently supports devices operating issuing Android Q demo, the alignment of the supporting coloring the navigation bar to comply with the attribute selected, this even works also on the theme of flowing color, but unfortunately not on the pictures.

It also provided these women the advantage of the clipboard which I always saw in the updates to the pilot earlier and then, along can now delete the search history in color by prolonged pressure, as well as the support to import or export personal dictionaries.

Finally, this version of the board Gboard up for Android users gradually, in the case of not waiting for you. you can get them via file the APK downloaded from here.

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