Update PHP 5.0 brings with it a different engine to reduce dependence on plugins

After long years of dependence on the engine WordPress platform it seems that it will change, so that owners of sites and pages, especially on the Arabic websites, they will find them a new engine has huge potential with an update to Php 5.0 which is designed to reduce the reliance on plugins.

The company built engines Bebo, which offers a different way to build a site or pages, so that everything depends on the content boxes (Blocks), instead of writing code to build a specific form on the website or put a picture of the top of the page, it’ll be easier by the presence of codes software ready can choose between them and locate them with ease on the site, which will rely on ready-made templates to do the steps as on the Add-ons locations for construction.

WordPress 5 0

With the new update for the editor, everything became easier for those who wish to build a website, all on the user only to open his position to build a specific page and then by the editor can add content boxes by searching up and add them in the desired location on the page as well as volume control and effects.

If the site owner wants to put a picture of the cover, you can choose it from the list provided by WordPress and placed in the top of the site, as it would be able to choose the text box, for example, the bottom of the bastards, or slide to the last News on the side, and other things found in the core of the new which the user is two additions to do.

And WordPress in its new engine 29 a different form of the funds content, and gives freedom and ease of adjustment on them and add them in desirable places, besides providing designs to suit different areas.

Can say that the new editor will be wishing to possess sites on their design more easily in a simple, which will reduce the costs of industrial sites by reducing the reliance on ready-made templates or plugins, which will make the product more popular than the former.

تحديث ووردبريس 5.0 يجلب معه محرر مختلف لتقليل الاعتماد على الإضافات - WordPress 5.0

Recall that the webmasters can use the old Classic Editor until 2021, and they can take advantage of them with the last update by installing it and activating it via the plugins page, especially since the new editor will be the primary with the last update.

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