Update Samsung browser come Manager download the new “beta”

تحديث متصفّح سامسونج يأتي بمدير تحميل جديد "بيتا"

تحديث متصفّح سامسونج يأتي بمدير تحميل جديد "بيتا"

Web browsers often look as though it is wasted effort, due to the big competition between apps and browsers in smart phones “the likes of chrome and Firefox and Opera and new by the Microsoft edge and other browsers other”, to buy Samsung’s other browser available on all android phones either brand Samsung or not, Which of course is fast and stable.

In the last update not included a night mode and the prohibition of the trace, the sign on the full screen feature and other advantages, in the latest beta version of the browser download number version Samsung Internet Beta v6.4 There is a strengthening of one noticeable a add download manager a whole new.

First of all will be Download Manager this rename the file before upload it to the phone, with the advantage of the tide to notify immediately ready file, well there is a notice offering to download the file from the Notification Center, along its support pause updating at any time.

As and update the interface record downloads, with the possibility of deleting the record and access it directly through the bookmarks, and finally the update as we have indicated to you in its experimental stage beta, so it will not be available now on the Play store, but you can get it with APK moving to here.

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