Update software phones Galaxy S10 brings new improvements for the car

Samsung has started pushing a new update for the software series phones Galaxy S10 provides the new improvements in the application of the cable car.

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Pay Samsung update the new software, phones Galaxy S10 to the users of Switzerland at the outset, which comes with updates protection for the month of May users, with a range of improvements that include improved style Night for low light, as Samsung offers a choice of a new auto-focus in photography.

Come phones Galaxy S10 pattern Bright Night who came to perform poorly compared to release is possible in the series of Samsung phones, so Samsung’s offering in the new update to support the larger style of night photography that works on the noise reduction with the support of shutter speed to produce better images.

Also can in the new update use the lens f/2.2 possible lens wide angles in the style of night photography, also supports Samsung phone my Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus the advantage of using the lens telephoto the Auto Focus feature.

It will also allow the user to now export from closer distance with the blackout the best background on the subject of photography, and is scheduled to be paid new features for users of phones Galaxy S10 in Switzerland in the beginning and then will push the update over mobile networks Sprint, Verizon, along with AT&T with software protection and during the next month.


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