Update software TVs LG OLED brings technical support G-Sync from NVIDIA

Have users TVs LG OLED in the next period of the special gaming experience, with starting pay a fixed version of the update software devices that up this week with the technology G-Sync from NVIDIA.

There is no doubt that LG make the screens possible with OLED the best viewing experience with vibrant colors vibrant, and a new get these devices on the new technology from Nvidia through software update, which reaches screens this week with G-Sync.

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It is planned that support the technology NVIDIA G-Sync TVs LG OLED in addressing the problem of delayed response games or input lag to the side of the screen tearing in the games case, on to up fixed update of the software to LG devices this week.

Also comes update software initially for each of the TVs LG E9 size of 65 and 55 inch, and also TVs LG C9 size 77, 65 and 55 inches, as up software update to the TVS B9 size of 65 and 55 inch, and to be paid a fixed update for these devices by the end of this year.

As LG has confirmed that the update fixed software will be available initially in North America, and then in the European market, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East by the end of the year.

Recall that the technology NVIDIA G-Sync will be the experience of flow in games jump into an quick and without delay, to address the usual problems in TVs LG.


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