Update System Windows 10, brought problems for users

Shortly after the ask to Update Microsoft Windows 10 in April, complained some users of a range of problems, including problems on the Chrome browser and other applications, suspension of personal assistant cortana and more.

Recently, increased complaints, as pointed out by one of the users to the effect of the Update Windows 10 last on his laptop who reaches the age of five years, where he said that the update destroyed the computer, where the device has become suffering from problems in the screen, the Task Manager, move the mouse and the internet.

Microsoft said that the problem may affect users who have the antivirus company avast, indicating that they are working on the launch of the update to solve these problems in cooperation with avast, it asked the used to learn more about us by visiting the technical support forum, and here.

Lists the company in the support page technical steps that users must do in case you know for this problems and use the antivirus from avast.

Did you encounter any problems after updating Windows 10 last? We shared your experience in the comments.

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