Update Telegram lets you send your number to people nearby and create a range of location-based

Launched Telegram is a new update for the popular Android and iOS where the update a lot of new and disillusioned by the possibility to chat with people present around you and also the possibility of creating a group think on the site.

Became the process of adding contacts easier
• You can now add any user to your contacts, even if its number is not visible.
• Add the users who stand with you across open Contacts > Add people nearby. You will see those entrants on this section.

Local talks
• The tops of the host communities through the establishment of a group depends on the location of the section of people nearby.

Transfer talks groups
• Click the ownership of the groups by giving all rights to another participant. A useful feature in case you want to change your job or you no longer want to be the owner of the group.

Improved exception notifications
• Control the option to preview the messages for updates specific, and use the option Search and”delete all” in the exceptions to the notification.

In addition to these advantages offers Update Improvements and bug fixes usual patrol to perform the application.


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