Update the application of one Action brings new features for users

Launched version v38 from the application of one Action on the platform landed, which brings a set of features and enhancements for users with experience are compatible with update the Android Pie.


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Entitled to apply one Action spread among many users of the phones landed, and today a new update is available for compatibility with the features and data more.

One of the most important features offered in version v38 from the application of one Action, in the interface of the application that are now coming to the design clear, with a new style for a change and taking the actions in the interface of the app, and Settings app with the aim of supporting users to make the most of features system Android Pie.

How come the Settings app now designed a more efficient user support in the visual preview quick for the favorite on the interface of the application, also include the settings now the new search feature allows users to apply Action research on the changes that have been added in the settings quickly.

Apply Action also comes a range of enhancements to users to support continuous scrolling, with the experience of trying to one Pixel, with a window search for the application, its closing device, as the app supports now colors Quickthem in wallpaper and wall units, along with files and applications.


I know of

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