Update the latest application Facebook Messenger brings with it a clean interface and easy to use


When the application is available since a long time, so what happens is that it gets more features and tools over the years which makes these features accumulate, leading in the end to get the application to heavy and slow and has a user interface confused. The application Facebook Messenger, Facebook Inc. is one of the applications that suffered from it, but the company decided to change that with the fourth edition of this app.

Update the latest application Facebook Messenger cleans up the app to facilitate use by users. According to the company Facebook, has stated by saying : ” to find the features that interest you, you will have Facebook Messenger three new tabs instead of nine. Your conversations with individuals and groups are going to be the editor in the tab Chats. For hundreds of millions of people who share daily photos and videos will be included in the application Facebook Messenger 4 features visible connection such as a Camera in the top so that you can capture and share images easily “.

The update will also have more customizations for the talks, where users can add gradients of color to chat bubbles of their own. However, the Facebook to that despite these changes, they will retain many of the features of Facebook Messenger basic, such as poll the opinions of your friends, the ability to take the decision on the movies that you should share with friends, share current location, etc. It is expected to launch these changes over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out in case if you are interested in.



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