Update the telegram to submit a recommendation plastered and send audio and video multi

تيليغرام Telegram

تيليغرام Telegram

What is the number of options available to you as a user for instant messaging with other people? Even if we put aside the messaging services basic Carson the SMS as well as e-mail, we find there are dozens of applications and services, either as a dessert just a reporter or a mail merge operation by more than the form of “audio, video, and text”, on the other hand know the company that stands behind these services is that you have limited options or even the option to one you use in this area, so do what you can to bring their applications and add more tools.

The day after that announced the telegram that the number of its users has exceeded 200 million monthly active users, has also enabled a new update to raise the version number of the application to the Telegram 4.8.5 and have been finding many of the nurses and the new.

Is structured new app plastered, and through the discovery of new stickers whether it’s through the recommendation system automatic “suggestions” or through a job search manual, in respect to the other amendment is related to the mechanism of sending audio and video, where you can now easily send a series of stills multiple clicking on the “+”symbol.

Finally attributing the telegram of their success not only benefits the app itself, but also to the philosophy that the company operates, and the commitment to the fate of the key duties of the software key, as well as the intensity of the strength of security and privacy in order to him as the first app created encryption complete “end-to-end”.





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