Update there brings new advantages for communities cancel the deletion

تحديث تيليغرام يجلب مزايا جديدة للتحكم بالمجموعات وإلغاء الحذف

Announced there about a new update to prevent its allows users to cancel the delete messages and conversations in addition to the advantages for communities better by giving those responsible the special permissions of participants, the experience of the broader development of the content and organization of the House.

In a new update, the groups on there will begin to support up to 200 thousand subscribers after that was supporting only half, also be based on any group will be able to easily convert it to public next block or allow animated pictures as well as other types of content, which is the case with the links or users send messages with, in addition to providing a feature that allows administrators of the groups in conversation with others.

Also there added other advantages allow to delete messages or conversations in full, giving the opportunity to users to avoid errors models in case they delete a message by mistake, but that would be over 5 seconds. In the case of exceeded time, the messages will be deleted and cannot be retrieved.

Another advantage brought by the company to provide order contacts by name or by last appearance on Android and iOS.

In the same context, the added advantages of other works to improve the appearance of the icons and images on the app to enable the user to see blurry, instead of seeing it blurred fully pre-loaded. Also got other updates to improve the search bar on iOS and night on Android. In will be able to Android users put a picture of a person when the account creation process without the need to complete the registration and then add.

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