Update Uber Eats offers the best advantages to track the requests from start to finish.

تحديث Uber Eats يقدم مزايا أفضل لتعقب الطلبات من البداية للنهاية

Launched Uber service Uber Eats new update includes the re-design of the service, so that customer get more details to track requests during the flight from the moment they leave until they arrive, through the process of tracking the minute that will appear on the app about space and flight.

And a new update will determine the supposed time of arrival of the request to enjoy more time up to that date, which says AWeber is that it helps in increased transparency with customers.

As usual, any users of the application can determine that the demand confirmed and then will appear the information about the arrival time of the driver to take the request, and the time of discharge can then be tracked on the maps in full from beginning to end to make sure the access method.

Will update Uber Eats new is available to users on iOS apps and Android, in addition to browsing through the internet. This update will begin in the United States is currently the zones more with time.

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