Update WhatsApp on Android comes right-click the custom connection in the group chat

تحديث واتس آب على أندرويد يأتي بزر اتصال مُخصص في الدردشة الجماعية

The fact that the procedure call from the application WhatsApp was not in the day of the days simple, where with the arrival of the call feature on WhatsApp, the user first starts a voice call or video call with a contact, once the call is made it is required of the caller clicking on the button to the top of the screen to add another participant to the call, once the call connection icon will appear “Add Person” at the top of the recipient’s name, needless to say what started our conversation is a reality one cannot deny.

But in a move by the company aimed at the correct things, got the app on the Android system on the new update, easy for users to make a call, through the addition of a button dedicated contact in the group chat, and by the way this button links users to iOS last month.

Generally the importance of this button in the Make group calls by adding all of the contacts to connect to one payment, making it easier to start a video call or voice call group, in turn, also with this update, the problem has been fixed not to play files of the GIF, finally update WhatsApp is currently available on the app page on the store Google Play, and in the case of non-arrival you wait for the other days.

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