Update WhatsApp on iOS comes with the option to start conference call directly

تحديث واتس آب على iOS يأتي بخيار البدء بمكالمة جماعية مباشرة

Got messaging application WhatsApp, a new update currently supports iOS only and coming soon on Android, which made the company’s first conference call is much easier, where previously it was up to users to start a call from person to person and then add other contacts, where there was no option to start a conference call directly.

But with this new update changed it, where the user can now move to the group that wants to start communication with both voice chat or video chat in just a few clicks, and through the transition to the group to which you want to connect with its members, and then click the phone icon at the top, then across the next screen you specify the contacts inside the group to contact him, and then finally pressing the button audio or video depending on the type of call desired to conduct.

تحديث واتس آب على iOS يأتي بخيار البدء بمكالمة جماعية مباشرة

It also supports WhatsApp currently conduct a conference call for four people maximum, and much less than messaging services other the likes of Messenger, which, in turn, supports 50 contact Max and FaceTime that supports 32 people, finally, as we pointed out earlier the update is currently available to iOS users and soon we’ll see it available on the other system Android.

Download Update WhatsApp for iOS from here.

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