Update WhatsApp on iPhone adds restrictions for forwarding messages

تحديث واتساب على آيفون يُضيف قيود لميزة إعادة توجيه الرسائل

Paid WhatsApp is today an important upgrade another iOS app, this update aims to limit the spread of the news is false, so by placing restrictions on the process of forwarding messages, the turn was the announcement of this step and included in the changes and details about a month ago from now, to app in these cities to test today and has been applied on the ground.

As highlighted by the watts the answer “we’ve designed the service to sending fast, secure and among friends and family while maintaining your privacy, whenever we add a new feature to the app, we take into account the preservation of the that the people feel it and see it.”

In relation to change has now become possible to redirect the message to 5 chats at a maximum, as well as to remove the Reset button router which is next to the media, with the company also indicated that these limitations can be improved further if it does not urgently need, finally at the current time won’t be able to only forward messages and media to no more than 5 chats only, this procedure will help maintain WhatsApp as an application means in particular.

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