Update Xbox supports refresh rate of 120 Hz



Over the past month was Microsoft and its users enthusiasts choose to update the new Xbox, and today I started to send it to everyone, which includes several advantages and improvements in the orders of the buttons and Settings the family and edit the video clips perhaps the most important screen support games Super sense updated up to 120 Hz.

Beginning users of Xbox LIVE and now they can watch what they play with friends on computers and smartphones via the Xbox application.

If the video game you can now cut directly without the need to open another application what are easy to edit by their participation.

If you use the options of the family now there will be a centralized platform to manage the accounts of family members all in one place.

If you want to rearrange items within the Home screen you can press the button to View or Select statement.

Finally for better viewing experience with screens custom games where the Xbox one supports refresh rate up to 120 Hz means greater safety in play whether quality 1080p or 1440p


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