Update YouTube on the platform landed brings speed to 1.75 X in video playback

The company launched the Google new update for the application YouTube on the platform landed, provided by selecting new in the playback speed of 1.75 X.

Google- adds 1.75X -playback speed

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Indicated the location of the Android Police noted that Google has recently added the choice of a new operating speed to develop a browser to 1.75 x, and today comes update v13.50.52 development of YouTube on the platform landed that choice also for users.

It is scheduled to be available to users of the YouTube app on the platform of the landed day, the choices of playback speed which includes.25x, the .5x,.75x and 1.25 x, 1.5 x, 1.75 x, and 2x, also can for app users to change the video playback speed via the menu that appears by three points in the right corner of the application interface, where the user can choose among 8 choices in operating speed.

Recall that the added speed of the new OS is one of the additions expected from users, where the speed of the new video stream at a rate of balanced supports video playback better.


I know of

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