Updated application Adobe Scan adds a variety of modes of scanning

تحديث تطبيق Adobe Scan يُضيف مجموعة متنوعة من أوضاع المسح

There’s no shortage of apps for scanning documents, for example, there’s an app in Google Drive and study the Xbox and the lens of the Office of Microsoft as well as application CamScanner and other scores, in particular, the company launched the Adobe application scanner your Adobe Scan in 2017, which provided integration with Acrobat Reader and with the cloud, and now there is a new update makes the app more powerful, so with the modes and new features.

Where added update Scan a variety of shooting modes to scan different types of objects, there is now a situation of documents of normal forms, business cards and even whiteboards, and can for Adobe Scan to pull data from business cards and automatically create contact, just like the app Lens Google is indexing text in forms and documents in order to search.

تحديث تطبيق Adobe Scan يُضيف مجموعة متنوعة من أوضاع المسح

Finally, update Adobe Scan available currently to users of Android and iOS, and to download it go here or here respectively.

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