Updated demo of Watson August on the Android platform live the design page settings for fully

تحديث تجريبي لواتس آب على أندرويد يُعيد تصميم صفحة إعداداته بشكل كاملI got WhatsApp in Android, the new update still in its experimental “beta”, has targeted this update settings page of the application, and the re-design of the page as well as some of the sections are full, so noticing that it was getting rid of the differences between fonts, and symbols new colorful green, to be the most abrupt change in the interface of data mining, where it became with this demo version more readable and understanding.

And in detail, when the transition now to the screen of the main settings will give you a preview screen about the update, whether it is icons new, or sub-sections for each element, with the reorganization of some of the elements, and the picture below shows the difference between the new version of “right” and the current version of the “left”.

As for the rest of the settings they are tracking the same pattern, where no more lines and no more check boxes, no more grey backgrounds to the details after the settings, the images below illustrate the difference. “At the top the old version” at the bottom “new version”

As we have stated previously that the most important change in this update was in the page, use data storage, where now you can see all the stats below the title of each section directly, allowing the user to quickly on the amount of what he had done WhatsApp of storage or consumption data. “On the right is the old version and on the left the new version”

More importantly, the reorganization of the screen use the network “Network Usage” in full, where previously it was impossible to analyze, but has now been replaced bytes and addresses graphing can be easily read and 6 types of data, namely “calls, media, backup in the drive, messages, cases, cosmetic”. “On the right the new version in the middle and on the left the old version”

Finally this update is the first since 2016 had targeted the interface settings of WhatsApp, noting that WhatsApp is currently working to support authentication via fingerprint, face and integration with the stickers external applications and more in Android, now to achieve this version you can download it via file the APK from here, to reach these changes at a later time than the official version.

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