Updated Galaxy Fold and protection Android Q: week

In the world of Android, as in other areas of our lives, periods of activity alternate with quiet. As there is now. The really interesting news is not much, but still, there’s always something to talk about. This week will focus on the demonstration of the updated Samsung Galaxy Fold, Harmony OS and much more.

To strengthen the display under it was established a strong metal plate

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Google has added to Android 10 protection from overheating and moisture

In Android many different mechanisms. Some block background processes to save battery, other check the smartphone for viruses, and still others warn of the danger of physical damage. But if the first two Android, in General, does not lack, the latter to be seen on television haven’t yet. That’s probably why Google decided to add the Android 10 a couple of new mechanisms that will help protect the inside of the smartphone from damage due to overheating or flooding.

Overheating and moisture — the main enemies of smartphone

The mechanisms in question work is quite simple. They provoke the activation of the cooling system, as it might seem at first glance, and do not help the smartphone to get rid of moisture trapped inside the case. Their function is exceptionally helpful – is to notify the user that the device is overheating or the connectors are exposed to water, and in this case connecting external USB accessories can be dangerous for its further performance.

Does not work USB? Maybe your smartphone has simply overheated

Therefore, in order for the users avoid any temptation to disobey the recommendations made by the smartphone, Google has decided to force the unmounting of the USB connector until fully dried and decreasing the temperature to of the working. This smartphone will alert on their own, and until then to use the port will be impossible. As a result, the charging wire, connect to computer and even listening to music will have to wait. But if the headphones with a smartphone can connect via Bluetooth, then to recharge it, if you don’t have a wireless station and synchronize with a PC will not work.

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It is clear that this is done to ensure that users did not put the overheated smartphone on charge and thus did not cause further injury. Particularly serious risk is fast charging, support for which today carries even a budget device, not to mention the flagship. So disabling USB looks like quite a justified measure. Agree? Share your opinion in the comments or our Telegram chat.

But on the other hand, now a new mechanism to protect the USB looks like a half-measure, because the connection of the smartphone via USB to anything – not the only way to overheat his insides. Shooting 4K video, using the flash as a flashlight, games and just watching heavy videos on YouTube of LTE can lead to increased dissipation of the processor, which in turn can lead to damage of vital components. However, the only thing that can though as-that to protect from this is the throttle, which, unfortunately, is not applicable in all cases.

Samsung has revealed the updated Galaxy Fold

Six months ago, when Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, the whole of Barcelona was hung with banners with their ads. Many then decided that the future of smartphones is here. However, shortly before the appearance of the device in the sale turns out he’s not good enough, breaks on the second day of use and requires a thorough revision. Without further ADO, the Koreans withdrew the whole party Galaxy Foldto get it repaired. But now, it seems, this process is fully completed.

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At first glance, the smartphone has not changed. Glass body, metal hinge, and three rear cameras – in short, everything that we have seen before. But the devil, as you know, is in the details, which you need to pay close attention.

First, Samsung made protective film Galaxy Fold under the edge of the display, so users can avoid any temptations to take it off. Why do the Koreans do not think of this immediately is a mystery.

The film never invites you to tear yourself from the screen of the Galaxy Fold

Secondly, Samsung has defended the folding mechanism in place of its contiguity to display a special plastic plugs. This was necessary to prevent the hinge dust and crumbs out of your pockets.

These plugs prevent dust from entering the mechanism

Thirdly, Samsung has strengthened internal display metal plates that are placed under the matrices. To do this, engineers had to dismantle each machine, install the new component and collect all over again.

To strengthen the display under it was established a strong metal plate

A plate was needed in order to make the display more durable and reliable, reducing the probability of failure.

Otherwise, it seems, Galaxy Fold remained the same. Its hardware is based Snapdragon processor 855, 12 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal memory. External display smartphone still has a diagonal of 4.6 inches, and the inner — 7.3 inches. However, apparently, in the latest revision of the Galaxy Fold Koreans managed to remove the furrow passing across the screen. So, now to ask for it 1980 dollars would not be so ashamed.

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In General, it seems absolutely unclear why all the changes that Samsung has made to the updated design of the Galaxy Fold, it was impossible to do from the beginning. Well, as you can stick the protective film, which can not be removed just on top of the display, thereby creating the impression of its unreliability? But, fortunately, everything went well and the nerves of any user is not affected due to breakdown of the unit cost under 2 thousand dollars. At least not yet.

Facial recognition is convenient but unsafe

Google has removed the facial recognition of Android

When Apple in 2017 presented a face recognition technology, users Android’s face changed and for the thousandth time asked, what they have, and this was not there before? However, it quickly became clear that Face ID like to unlock in the face from Google as well as Windows Phone similar to the operating system. Facial recognition of Android not only worked through time, but also would remove the lock even in the before photo and completely strangers. Get this now and Google and decided to remove the dangerous feature.

Google has made no official statements on this matter and has not confirmed the disappearance of the face recognition technology from Android. But apparently, the interface has disappeared from all versions of Android with the last update of Google Play services. In any case, either in Android 10, no Android 6.0 Marshmallow it is no more. This is likely to mean that Google decided to abandon the software unlock for the person in favor of better methods of identification.

One of the main reasons – appearance and hardware of facial recognition to Google Pixel 4 which is a software interface will lose on all counts. Therefore it is completely illogical that in smartphones the same manufacturer, the same feature will work differently, providing comparable levels of security.

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Of course, in this case we are talking only about the regular feature called Face Match that has been available to Android users as a smart unlock. Therefore, face recognition has disappeared only to smartphones, which by default use this technology. But since many manufacturers develop their own solutions to unlock face, which are based on their signature achievements, their devices will not touch it.

However, the fact that face recognition as such disappeared from firmware some smartphones, can be a serious problem. The fact that many Android users prefer to use a hybrid identification system, removing the lock with the help of prints, if you want to access the contents of the smartphone, and — with the help of a person if you need to quickly view incoming notifications without going to the desktop. They obviously did not care for the drawbacks of the interface and, therefore, expect a new petition with the requirement to return such a useful feature.

Huawei Mate X — may be the first smartphone to HarmonyOS

Huawei told what HarmonyOS better Android

Last month Huawei introduced a universal operating system HarmonyOS. Despite the fact that many have decided that it will replace Android on smartphones and the Huawei Honor, the company pursued a much more ambitious goal. It turns out that with the new platform, the Chinese want to conquer the electronics market as a whole, covering absolutely everything – from the devices of the Internet of things and wearable gadgets to desktop computers and media systems of the car.

According to Peter Gaudens, senior Manager of Huawei product HarmonyOS – a totally unique operating system that is almost ready ecosystem. Thanks to the versatility of the new OS, the company can release devices of various types, and not to worry about their software. Unlike Android, its own platform, Huawei is able to provide seamless sync and smartphones, and smart watches, and even refrigerators.

“To ensure their devices of our competitors are forced to use software of different types, which prevents their unification into a coherent ecosystem. HarmonyOS favorably with everything that existed on the market to date, ensuring seamless data interchange between, at first sight, incompatible with other devices” — says Fit.

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HarmonyOS designed in such a way that it is completely independent from the iron. In fact, it behaves like a gas, filling the space. HarmonyOS will also feel great on the smart socket with 1 megabyte of RAM, and the computer with 1 terabyte of non-volatile memory. Of course, devices of each type need its own software, so Huawei has created a tool Ark Compilerthat can optimize applications written for one platform work on another. Tell me, cool? Share your opinion in the comments or our Telegram chat.

HarmonyOS is a long – term project, which Huawei has high hopes. Of course, because of its scale platform development can take a long time, is accepted. According to him, it may take several years before HarmonyOS will be able to work on smartphones, not to mention desktop computers. However, new devices won’t cease for the day, and now Huawei designs a number of radically new gadgets that will get HarmonyOS in the near future. However, given the tension between Huawei and the United States, would be better if the Chinese kept quiet. In any case, it is hard to believe that the us government would agree to endure a strong competitor Google, and therefore may well decide to kill it in the Bud.

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