Updated Gmail app in your version بG Suite supports spelling correction, smart

Company introduced Google new update for the application messaging Gmail make G Suite comes with a spell check smart, which works on correcting spelling mistakes automatically, as the application supports correction of the rules while writing.

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Come some custom services to support the user in improving the rules and spelling errors in the writing, comes from between these services, Grammarly, but that Google are moving to support users of the G Suite a better experience in the messaging application Gmail, where comes the new update for compatibility with Smart Auto Correction for spelling mistakes and errors the rules also.

It is estimated that appears to users observations and suggestions for the immediate correction of errors during writing e-mail, which supports the experience more professional to send e-mail in the application, as Will the Gmail app on the correction of these errors automatically.

Also in the case of detection of spelling errors in texts will be shown the line in red to the bottom floor, while the font appears in blue in case of an error in the rules, also give Google users the choice to disable the autocorrect feature for words or the rules independently for each feature.


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