Updated Google Chrome will help save the battery life of your Android smartphone

Just a few days ago we told you about the update of Google Chrome browser for Android to version 75 (75.0.3770.67). This update includes password Manager, which creates a “strong and unique” passwords, and allows you to search for already saved passwords. Also added setting for dark mode with three options; the default setting keeps the Chrome in the bright mode until then, until you enable the function of save battery. Light mode will forever leave usual black text on white background regardless of whether the function of save battery, and in the dark mode, the white text is always displayed on a black background.

Google Chrome has got the feature of lazy loading web pages

According to the material of the publication Android Police, the blog Chromium there is a new update for the beta version of Chrome for Android. Update 76 (or rather 76.0.3809.21) includes so-called “lazy loading”, which works on some (filled with content) sites. This feature is purposely not program the content of the web page to which the user has not yet reached. But as soon as the user starts scrolling through the page below the browser progressively loads it and the content on it piece by piece. The size of such loadable sections of a web page depends on the current network speed, so if you drop it to minimum content block will pogruzitsya just at that moment, when you get there.

Google says that using this method saves traffic because it does not load images that the user will not see, because quite simply do not reach them. According to the company, downloading of items that the user will never see is a waste of battery life, system resources and time required to process the entire content from the page. As soon as the image on the page you see, it remains loaded until until the website is closed.

Google has added a photograph of the browser next to the Omnibox and referred to the movie Tron

There are also other new features that are part of this update. One of them allows you to load a website in a dark mode, unless the browser is currently enabled dark mode. And in the upper right corner of the page tabs in Chrome you may see a picture of your Google profile. Google calls this “identity disc” (or ID), referring to the Throne, the popular sci-Fi film from 1982, also, was continued in 2010. In the film, the removable disks contain all the memories collected by the program.

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