Updated iMovie on iOS comes to the impact of a green screen, 80 a new audio clip

Apple released an update to the application iMovie on the iOS system, which included the effect of the green screen new, 80 a new audio clip, and improved audio support fixed, and more.

Comes the latest version of iMovie for iOS with a range of updates and changes new. Highlights include the water effect green screen new the ability to adjust them using the 4-point mask and the terms of withdrawal to adjust the force of impact.

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The update also improved support for still images, 80 help sound new to choose from, and support ClassKit and more.

Description of Apple the effect of the green screen, that a user can remove the background green or blue on the spot in your video clips and replace them with another video of your choice.

With regard to the grade fixed, it can your now dropping fixed images with backgrounds transparent (watermark) on the video, to be used as the top of your video clip.

The support package ClassKit Vita allows students to deliver the tasks of video of teachers using the application to Schoolwork.

The application iMovie for the iPhone and iPad is available to download for free from the Store App Store.

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